Month: August 2018

Rains are the most exciting natural beauty. We get plenty of rains in the monsoon and it is all at unexpected times. This keeps us entertained when with friends and romantic when with couples. Life gets too happy when you get to enjoy the natural beauty in the best and exciting manner possible. Let us explore some of the best things you can do.

  • We can take a long car drive and enjoy the landscape and traveling experiences through the rain. We can explore the beauty of nature when it is completely green and wet. Kids get to view the nature at its best.
  • When it is really cool outside, we naturally get hungry and would like to have some hot and spicy food. Explore new recipes and try to cook them hot and have it.
  • Trekking can be a good experience in the rain. Of course, it is going to be an adventurous and risky trip because it will be very slippery. But walking through the woods when it is we will give you a memorable experience.
  • Watching a thriller movie with harsh music tones will give you a hilarious experience. We have to plan and watch with a closed circle of friends. With a good online mixing platform, we can experiment with different kinds of music.
  • When we cannot go out, we can keep us fully engaged and spend time effectively by reading a good novel.

It is nice to spend time in a good number of ways. But, safety comes first. We have to be very much secure while handling ourselves when moving out with people. There is the warning of thunderstorms everywhere. Places will also be prone to landslides and pose to be a great danger during these times.…

Once all the dates have been fixed and the ring is about to adorn your finger for life, the main thing that continues to hover all across your mind is how you would go about offering an extraordinary experience to your wedding guests. All of us want to throw a wedding bash that is remembered by all and compels the guests to shower unlimited blessings on the newly-wed couple.

But the question here is- how to do so? Well, here are some outstanding and effective ideas for entertaining your wedding guests like a pro.

Unique ideas for wedding entertainment

  1. Exceptional DJ: As music always continues to be the backbone of any party, ensure that the DJ you pick to entertain your guests has a good collection of songs and enjoys positive feedbacks from previous clients.

  1. Charming fireworks: Ensure to begin this new phase of life with unstoppable fireworks. This will attract the guests throughout and add more charm to the celebratory

  1. Live Performances: If you have some additional budget, go ahead with booking a famous band or artist that can perform Live for your guests. This will be an extraordinary experience for them.

  1. Create photo corners: Oblige the photo and selfie lovers by setting up photo corners where they can use the pick their favorite props and pose the evening out.

  1. Entertainment for Kids: Make sure that there is a section at the venue completely dedicated to keeping the kids occupied. This will allow the parents to relax for a while and enjoy you’re THE day.

  1. Karaoke: Having a karaoke set-up will give a chance to the guests to take a slight break from the traditional ceremonies and have some musical fun with friends and family.

  1. Prepare a grand entry for the bride: It is very important for a bride to enter the venue with great pomp and show. Plan something unique that would leave the guests completely mesmerized.

  1. Glittery dance floor: The dancing area should be full of lights and next to the DJ so that the guests can easily pass-on their music requests.

  1. Story video: For a memorable experience, play your love story video on different TVs set-up across the venue and charm the guests with your love and fun-play.

  1. Cool bar: Create a nice bar that offers some of the best liquors.

  1. Blessing boards: You can arrange blessing boards in different sections of the venue where guests can write their heartfelt wishes for the newly-wed couple.

  1. Decoration: Ensure to take the decoration part seriously and use a lot of flowers and lights to make every corner attractive.

  1. Pets: If your venue organizers allow, you can always welcome pets as well as the wedding bash. This will relieve the guests from half the burden of leaving their pets unattended back at home when they would be busy enjoying the wedding here.

In fact, why just keep entertainment restricted to the guests. Go ahead to surprise the bride and groom as well by purchasing some products from popular sites like lockthecock.…