Day: November 5, 2018

Music is one of the most cheerful experiences. Even the dullest and the gloomiest day can be instantly brightened up when there is music. Listening to music can make you feel good. But playing music is even better. Best electronic drum sets, acoustic guitars and a variety of other musical instruments can all be found online today. So it is easy to pursue music as a hobby. This is not just a hobby that can allow you to spend your free time but also a hobby that is known to have several benefits-

  1. Your brain ages slowly

Music, listening to it as well as playing it, is known to slow down the aging of the brain. So those who regularly play music or listen to it are known to have an active and stimulated brain even in the older age.

  1. Music is good for those who play and those who listen to it

Music is good to play and listen as well. Both playing and listening to music can increase the levels of happy hormones in the body. When you keep getting better at playing an instrument even the people at home can benefit from listening to you play.

  1. Your stress can disappear

Playing and listening to music can be seen as great stress busters. These can both keep a check on the stress hormones in the body.

  1. Stress relieves pain

Chronic pain is known to be alleviated with the help of music. This is why most hospitals play suitable music in wards where there are patients with chronic pain and ailments.

  1. A more regulated heart rate

Music is known to regulate the heart rate, blood pressure, and the heart rhythm as well. Regular exposure to music is good for the health of the heart.…