Day: November 8, 2018

It is always exciting to have an outdoor entertainment area for summer.  It is very useful to relax and have a great time with friends.  Use the below 5 ways to create it easily:

Lawn:  If you have garden space, have a small lawn.  Avoid space occupying plants which grow as thick bushes in the area surrounding the lawn.  A well-maintained lawn can be easily converted into an outdoor entertainment area by putting a few chairs.

Foldable furniture:  Have a few foldable types of furniture.  These can be used cleverly to create outdoor space.  The advantage is that they do not occupy much space and can be removed when not required.  You can insert an umbrella and place few chairs around so that people can spend time happily in shade.

Use balconies extending to garden:  Use the balconies or deck extending to gardens.  These serve as excellent outdoor space as they have natural lighting and a good view.  Also, Air conditioning install could make them usable even during extremely hot weathers.  In such spaces, even costly cushion furniture can be permanently placed.  One can sit and enjoy the flowers in the garden.

The area near pool:  If you a swimming pool in your home, the area near the pool can be easily converted to outdoor space.  Normally area near pool will be spacious to have seating arrangements.  In addition, you can have a tea table for serving something to sip.  It will be a great place to spend time, chat, have a dip in the pool and then sip juice by relaxing in the outdoor space.

Garden benches:  If you already have benches in garden try to add few chairs around to create an outdoor space.   This will help in creating more utility of what set up you already have in the garden.