Day: December 12, 2018

Isn’t it strange that women have reached space and yet are hesitant to ask a man out on a date? It is time to change that all and women must take the reins of their relationship into their own hands and not wait for the opposite gender to make the move.

  1. You will be the boss: Why should you wait for someone to decide which direction the relationship will move in. You can decide every move if you make the first move! You can decide the venue for the next date, the menu etc.
  2. Guys will love the change: there are several progressive men out there who like the women to take charge and be in the forefront. Your guy will be glad you made the move if he is progressive.
  3. You might lose him to someone else: Waiting for him to make a move might be a costly mistake because someone else might take the opportunity and ask him out.
  4. Your love interest might be blind to your feelings: Some men are so immune to hints that your crush might not know you are interested until you tell him!! Guys are often clueless and need to be told everything explicitly for them to understand.
  5. Asking shows you are serious: It shows you have the capacity to achieve what you want and are a go-getter
  6. If you won’t ask, no one will for you: You must fight for what you want and not depend on others to do it for you because no one will.
  7. It will earn you respect: Since, it is still uncommon for girls to ask guys out, your being able to do it will relay the message that you are a confident human being comfortable in your skin.  Who knows your man might get you  bags at!
  8. It is the right thing to do: in this age and time there is no time to wait for good things; you must make them happen.