Month: January 2019

Do not have money to spend this weekend? Do not worry. Here are ten ideas that you can do to spend your weekend. Also make sure that you use the coupons from CouponoBox.

Read a book

If you love to read books then pick up a new title that you had wanted to read for long and start to read it. Your weekend would pass in a blink of an eye and you would be totally engaged and enjoy your weekend.

Practice yoga

Play some light music and practice yoga this weekend. It helps to calm your mind and lets you de-stress.

Play a board game

You can play your favorite board game with your partner or friend this weekend.

Go on a walk

What better way to relax than to be with nature. Go on a long walk this weekend.

Organize your home

If you want your weekend to be productive then spend time organizing your home. Pull out your old stuff and those things that you do not need. Rearrange your wardrobe and set up a  nice place to live in.

Talk to your friends

This is a great time to pick up your phone and talk to a friend whom you have not been in touch for years. Have fun moments when you share your experiences with your friend.


Try out your culinary expertise. Try out some new dishes this weekend and appreciate yourself for your effort.

Meet your neighbor

In this busy life we do not even realize who is staying in the next door. Take out time this weekend to get to know your neighbor.

See a place in your city

You may have always wanted to visit a place in your locality like a church or a park. This is the time when you can do it.…

Often you may think you are not on the right track and you want to have a sort of changes in your living pattern.  You may feel something missing in your life and even you don’t have time to spend for yourself in the fast moving life.  Everyone seems to be busy with some sort of work and he or she literally feel something is being missed in his or her life.

If you think you are not leading a perfect life and you wanted to make alterations in the day to day activities so that these activities can make you feel more comfortable and relaxed, prepare a list of things you wish to do or you are missing out, and try to accomplish with a plan.

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Let us see the best tips to improve your life in the right way;-

  • Stop Comparison with others: Always we use to compare ourselves with others and we would like to live by comparing with other successful personalities in life.  You can do a comparison on certain aspects but often comparing with others will make you feel stressed out and also make you depressed at times.  So don’t compare yourself with others as everyone is unique.
  • Make a Wishlist: Create a wish list in doing some sort of things which you want to accomplish in future and where you are? And where you want to be?  Try to identify the things which you can correct it easily and you can achieve things easily with little effort.  Make a list according to that.
  • Organize your list: Try to organize the things according to your wish list based on the priority since some need immediate attention whereas some items need a little attention which can be postponed later.
  • Spend some quality time for yourself: Try to spend some quality time for yourself so that you can identify your dreams and the ways of accomplishing it.
  • Plan for the future: If you have unfulfilled dreams, try to know the possible ways of achieving it so that you can be in a better status in the future.

If your workouts are becoming boring on the treadmill try out these 7 tricks to make it interesting. Running on the treadmill can get boring so you need to find out ways to entertain yourself. Read the details of losing weight when you strictly follow the ketogenic diet.

Listen to music

This is a great way to enjoy your workout on the treadmill and not let you feel bored. Create a playlist of your choice of songs and enjoy some great music while you workout.

Play on a TV series

If there is a series that you really like to watch then watch it while you exercise on the treadmill. This will not let you feel bored when you run for hours on your treadmill.

Play with the treadmill buttons

It gets really boring when you run at the exactly same speed and the same incline. Instead play around with the treadmill buttons and make your workout interesting.

Side gallop

Why not try out the side gallops to increase the fun and excitement when you do .a treadmill exercise

Butt kicks

Alternate your treadmill workouts with butt kicks and jogging so that you feel amused and do not start getting bored.

Minimize the time you spend on a treadmill

It is important that you do your treadmill exercises for not more than 30 minutes. Else you will end up getting bored. So manage your treadmill time so that this does not start getting monotonous.

Do dumbbells

It is interesting to combine two exercises at the same time. Try out some dumble workouts when you run on the treadmill. This will bring in some variety and not let you feel bored.

The treadmill exercises can get boring with time, so spice it up a bit so that you enjoy your workout routine.…