Day: January 5, 2019

If your workouts are becoming boring on the treadmill try out these 7 tricks to make it interesting. Running on the treadmill can get boring so you need to find out ways to entertain yourself. Read the details of losing weight when you strictly follow the ketogenic diet.

Listen to music

This is a great way to enjoy your workout on the treadmill and not let you feel bored. Create a playlist of your choice of songs and enjoy some great music while you workout.

Play on a TV series

If there is a series that you really like to watch then watch it while you exercise on the treadmill. This will not let you feel bored when you run for hours on your treadmill.

Play with the treadmill buttons

It gets really boring when you run at the exactly same speed and the same incline. Instead play around with the treadmill buttons and make your workout interesting.

Side gallop

Why not try out the side gallops to increase the fun and excitement when you do .a treadmill exercise

Butt kicks

Alternate your treadmill workouts with butt kicks and jogging so that you feel amused and do not start getting bored.

Minimize the time you spend on a treadmill

It is important that you do your treadmill exercises for not more than 30 minutes. Else you will end up getting bored. So manage your treadmill time so that this does not start getting monotonous.

Do dumbbells

It is interesting to combine two exercises at the same time. Try out some dumble workouts when you run on the treadmill. This will bring in some variety and not let you feel bored.

The treadmill exercises can get boring with time, so spice it up a bit so that you enjoy your workout routine.…