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Do not have money to spend this weekend? Do not worry. Here are ten ideas that you can do to spend your weekend. Also make sure that you use the coupons from CouponoBox.

Read a book

If you love to read books then pick up a new title that you had wanted to read for long and start to read it. Your weekend would pass in a blink of an eye and you would be totally engaged and enjoy your weekend.

Practice yoga

Play some light music and practice yoga this weekend. It helps to calm your mind and lets you de-stress.

Play a board game

You can play your favorite board game with your partner or friend this weekend.

Go on a walk

What better way to relax than to be with nature. Go on a long walk this weekend.

Organize your home

If you want your weekend to be productive then spend time organizing your home. Pull out your old stuff and those things that you do not need. Rearrange your wardrobe and set up a  nice place to live in.

Talk to your friends

This is a great time to pick up your phone and talk to a friend whom you have not been in touch for years. Have fun moments when you share your experiences with your friend.


Try out your culinary expertise. Try out some new dishes this weekend and appreciate yourself for your effort.

Meet your neighbor

In this busy life we do not even realize who is staying in the next door. Take out time this weekend to get to know your neighbor.

See a place in your city

You may have always wanted to visit a place in your locality like a church or a park. This is the time when you can do it.…