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Winter season may not be the idle season to take out your toddlers for a fun walk or a ride to park, but there are many ways you can keep your toddlers busy this winter.

1) Painting and drawing: Painting and drawing is a fun and educational activity that can keep the kids busy for a long duration. Kids can learn to draw many shapes and learn about the colors.

2) Playdough activities: Get messy with unlimited play dough activities. Playing with play dough is a good sensory activity. You can teach letters, numbers, and shapes to your toddlers using play dough.

3) Indoor toys: You can buy a variety of Indoor toys like push bikes, climbing toys, musical instruments at star walk kids that can keep your toddlers busy during the winter season.

4) Sensory activities: Let you toddlers touch and feel different things that can teach them about various surfaces like soft, hard, rough etc. You can use a variety of homemade articles like pillows, sandpaper for this. Kids can also explore various tastes like sweet, sour, salty by tasting different food items.

5) Paper cups: You can keep your toddlers busy in paper cup stacking activities, it can also teach them counting and balancing while having hours of entertainment.

6) Singing and dancing: Music is one of the best therapies; you can play a variety of rhymes and songs for your toddlers. These rhymes can add up a lot of new words in your toddler’s vocabulary and they can also enjoy dancing on the music beats.

7) Arts and crafts: Art and craft is also a good way to keep your toddlers entertained during chilly afternoons. You can make many simple projects like a dollhouse, car garage with different sizes and shape of boxes, or can do simple projects like paper fans etc.…